Woman is reunited with her father after forty years

The Ogaden war between Ethiopia and Somalia lasted for one year but had very lasting consequences. For Farhiya, a woman born to a Somali father and Russian mother in St. Petersburg, it meant that she was separated from her father for nearly forty years. Because Russia decided to side with Ethiopia, all Somali citizens living in Russia at the time had to leave the country immediately after the war was declared.

When her father left, Farhiya was just a baby. And after many failed attempts to contact him, she finally managed to track him down just a few weeks ago. She posted about her situation on Instagram and her message was widely shared by the Somali community on Facebook. Abdirahim Saeed spoke to her shortly after her first meeting with her father, who is now living in Oslo. He started off by asking her about the circumstances surrounding his very rapid departure.

(Image: Farhiya meeting her father courtesy of Farhiya)

Source: BBC


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