Will Somali the government take advantage this new opportunity?

Somali government gets new opportunity that came from in Middle Shabelle and Galgaduud districts, after local residents started to defend themselves against Al Shabaab.

Local residents have been identified as the name of the Macaawiisleey , saying they will defend Al Shabaab.

This came after al Shabaab members ordered them to transfer their children and weapons to fight, joining Al-Shabaab fighters.

It is not yet clear how the Somali government will respond to this issue, as the locals do not tolerate al-Shabaab’s pressure.

The Somali government can take advantage of the opportunity to assure those who have been upset by Al Shabaab and now they are planning a plan to join the national army, otherwise it will come if they succeed in al Shabaab to understand the rebellion and other rebellion can be.


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