US urges peaceful presidential vote in Somalia

The United States called on Somalias parliament on Friday to hold a fair election for the war-torn nations next president,

The United States called on Somalia’s parliament on Friday to hold a fair election for the war-torn nation’s next president, and for the losers to accept the results gracefully.

The new Somali parliament, whose members were selected by traditional elders last month, will hold a secret ballot on Monday to choose the next president.

“September 10 will be a historic day for Somalia as its parliament chooses a new president,” acting deputy State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said.

“This is a time for parliament to act with courage, determination and integrity in conducting a fair and transparent election.”


  1. The international community are our side I hope this time we as Somalian people get peace and prosperity aaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiin please let us forgive and forget whatever happened for the last 22yr, all Somalians felt the pain and injustice. I support whoever becomes president as long as he’s not a clan leader all of us should be equal to him,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Go Go Go Go Somalia show the world that we can govern our country

    from usa


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