UNHCR: 2012 records highest rate of refugees and migrants in Yemen

GENEVA, Jan. 15 (Saba) –The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced in Geneva that 2012 had witnessed the highest rate of displacement of African refugees from the Horn of Africa to Yemen .

The UNHCR reported that about 107,500 African refugees and migrants had made the dangerous journey from the Horn of Africa to Yemen in 2012, compared with 100,000 refugees in 2011.

“Eight of every ten arrivals last year were Ethiopian nationals (over 84,000 arrivals), while Somali refugees constituted the rest”, the UNHCR said in a statement.

Despite economic and security difficulties, Yemen has continued to receive and host a record number of people fleeing the Horn of Africa in search of safety, protection and better economic conditions.

All Somali arrivals are automatically recognized as refugees by Yemeni authorities. UNHCR conducts refugee status determination for Ethiopians and other nationalities seeking asylum in Yemen.

Yemen currently hosts over 236,000 refugees, virtually all of them of Somali origin.

Source: Saba


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