UN authorises ship inspections near Somalia


The United Nations Security Council authorised the inspection of boats suspected of carrying illegal shipments of charcoal or weapons to and from Somalia on Friday, though Russia and Jordan abstained from the vote over concerns about the move.

The resolution, adopted by the 15-member council with 13 votes in favor, approves the use of “all necessary measures” – diplomatic code for military force – to carry out such inspections.

The council imposed an arms embargo on Somalia in 1992 to cut the flow of arms to feuding warlords, who ousted dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and plunged the country into civil war.

The Security Council then banned charcoal exports from Somalia in February 2012 in a bid to cut off funds for al Shabaab, an al Qaeda-affiliated group fighting for control of Somalia and enforcing strict sharia law in areas it occupies.

Jordan’s Deputy UN Ambassador Mahmoud Hmoud raised concerns that the council resolution does not contain “a sufficient guarantee to prevent any abuse of this authorisation and to prevent any obstruction of the maritime navigation.”

“It might be used for political gains that go beyond the objectives of the resolution that is to fight illicit trade in charcoal and weapons,” he told the council.

An international coalition of maritime forces has for several years been patrolling the waters around the Horn of Africa nation to counter piracy and other illegal activities.


  1. Ciidamadda Difaaca BAdda Soomaaliya ayaa loo baahnaa iney difaacaan xeebaha dalka. soona celiyaan kala NIDAAMKA iyo kala DAMBEYNTA baddeena.. maaheyn in Ciidan ka yimid dowladda kale oo fog fog ku hardamaaan badweyna SOOMAALIYA.

  2. There is nothing to do UN-with Somalia. this puppet organisation needs to be banned from Africa not only in Somalia but throughout the region, before it is to late..

  3. UN-ka ma waxa uu noqdey shaati ay gashtaan dad gaar ah oo ay dadka kale ku dhacaan… un waa joojiyen un waa ogoladaeen. un-ka waxaa la joogaa waqtigii beentooda la joojin lahaa..


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