Uganda: Museveni Hailed for Pacifying Somalia

The deputy head of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISON), Wafula Wamunyinyi, has lauded President Museveni for deploying troops in the war-torn country restoring semblance of peace.

“I thank President Museveni for deploying troops since 2007 and the sacrifice the soldiers have made has registered significant achievements,” Wamunyinyi said.

Wamunyinyi was speaking at the opening of the needs assessment workshop for female Somali Members of Parliament at Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala on Thursday.

He said most parts of Somalia have been pacified by the troops deployed there.

Uganda and Burundi were the first countries under African Union to send troops to lawless Somalia before Djibouti, Sierra Leon and Kenya joined.

“The country has registered greater achievements as pacification of Mogadishu has expanded to south central and the troops are able to provide security leading to the functioning of the State,” Wamunyinyi said.

He cited the protection of government’s important infrastructure, the facilitation of reconciliation process and humanitarian assistance and the successful transition of the new government by the deployed troops as some of the gains the country has realised.

At the workshop, he implored the 38 Somali women MPs to consolidate the achievements the country has realized and ensure that it doesn’t slide back to anarchy.

“It’s important that you play your role as legislators and ensure that you consolidate the achievements gained so far so that we don’t slide back to chaos,” he said.

The workshop was organized by AMISOM with the aim of providing an opportunity to assess the needs of women parliamentarians in Somalia Federal Parliament.

It also aimed at establishing a caucus for the women MPs with a view of advancing the agenda for women development.

The vice chairperson of Uganda Women Parliamentarian Association (UWOPA), Rosemary Nyakikongoro, urged the Somali women MPs to bring male counterparts on board and work with civil society organisations so as to advance the education of girl child.

“It’s not about competition with men but economic empowerment of women and have a gender lens focus,” Nyakikongoro.



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