Uganda: AU Forces Kill More Al Shabaab, Seize Weapons

AMISOM forces from the Uganda Contingent have killed several Al shabaab insurgents and seized military equipments along Marka-Afgooye road.

Nine of the insurgents were shot dead on spot when AMISOM convoy overrun an al Shabaab road ambush sending the terrorists into dismay and seizing 5 submachine guns, two high frequency military communication gadgets, 1 rocket propelled grenade with its bomb, a hand grenade, and 1 PK machine gun. There was no loss on the AMISOM side.

The Uganda Contingent Commander, Brig Michael Ondoga said: “After losing out on key urban centers, the weakened Al Shabaab is now making attempts to disrupt road security but we are gradually dealing with that too so that we can ensure free movement for the populace and facilitate access by humanitarian agencies.”

Brig Ondonga says AMISOM is committed in its support to the Somali National forces to suppress hostile activities of illegal armed groups in Somalia.

He says in the last two weeks 19 insurgents have been killed, others captured alive and several weaponry of different calibres seized, by the Ugandan Contingent. Among those killed were 7 at Buufow a few kilometres from the December 19 battle field along the same road, which the insurgents had used to stage several road ambushes which promoted AMISOM’s quick re-action.

Earlier this month, AMSIOM force commander, Lt Gen Andrew Gutti said AU forces would take necessary steps to enhance security along the road between the port city of Marka and Kilometer 50. He added that the safety of the Somali people will continue to be AMISOM’s top priority. The UN Security Council mandated AMISOM to conduct peace enforcement operations to support peace and stabilization initiatives in Somalia.

The rules of engagement among others authorize use of any means necessary in self defence and in defence of AU personnel against hostile acts or intent, and against anyone who forcefully limits free movement of AU personnel.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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