The Somali National Army is the backbone and the pride of this nation,” President says

“The Somali National Army is the backbone and the pride of this nation,” President says on Armed Forces Day.”

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia and Commander-in-Chief Hassan Sh. Mohamud today led celebrations of the 53rd anniversary of the Somali National Army (SNA) held at the Ministry of Defense.

The military honor guard saluted the President before the various military branches of the army, navy and air force displayed spectacular parades in a well prepared event not seen since the last two decades.

Furthermore, Ministers, high-ranking military leaders, AMISOM and the foreign diplomatic corps were amongst the honored guests.

“I congratulate you and the people of Somalia for this great anniversary. I am honored to be your Commander-in-Chief. At this stage the Somali National Army has entered its renaissance.”

“The Somali National Army is the backbone and the pride of this nation. We’ve made major gains in recovering territories from the enemy while at the same time the Army is undergoing major reform.”

“We the Federal government of Somalia stated many times, that our number one priority is security. We did this because then the very existence of Somalia was in question. Now the government is investing all its resources in you so this country can be in peace.”

“We must be clear of one thing, our job is to protect our people, country, and faith. The Somalia National Army will never accept nor tolerate anyone that breaks the law. You are risking your life for this country and therefore you must protect your dignity.”

“My people, we must move forward and build institutions that bond us all together. The armed forces play that role. Our people have had enough suffering and today we have the greatest opportunity and we will prevail.”

“Today it is appropriate for me to pay tribute to and thank our brothers and sisters from the troop contributing countries for their support and sacrifices as we rebuild our armed forces.”

The SNA band displayed dramatic dances, nationalistic songs and folklore.

The President concluded by thanking the international community for supporting the SNA.

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