“Terrorist plot against Somali government delegation in Nairobi foiled” says Somali government

A Somali government delegation visiting in Nairobi last month, after
getting invitation from an international prestigious organization, the
American International Labor Solidarity center survived from a
terrorist plot, according to Somali government officials.

The plot which was organized by a man identified as Omar Faruk Osman
Nur, after informing the Kenyan police that members from Shabab
terrorists or pirates were invited to Kenya. Fortunately, the Kenyan
police were not hasty, but after conducting swift investigations, the
results did not match with the information provided by the Somali
informant. Further interventions to foil the groundless information
were made by the COTU-Kenya.
The delegation, comprising ten individuals from the directorate of
Labor, Youth and Sports of the Somali ministry of Social Services were
invited to Kenya to develop an independent Somali labor law for the
first time in more than two decades with the support of the American
Solidarity Center.
A letter addressed to the Somali National security Agency and the
Somali police, department of the Criminal Investigation Department
(CID) asking for prompt investigations against Omar Faruk Osman Nur
and his links with the terrorists, following his attempted government
attack in Nairobi Kenya in April.
However, the Djiboutian government reacted and rejected a meeting
which Mr. Nur scheduled to hold in Djibouti after inviting unknown
individuals from Somalia. But unfortunately, he transferred the
meeting canceled by the Djiboutian government to Addis-Ababa
facilitated by a man identified as Anteneh Abrahman who is the ENJU
president. But, the question is does Anteneh Abrahman assessed the
risk he is transporting to his country Ethiopia?

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo, webmaster@midnimo.com



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