Tennessee man from Somalia speaks out amidst court decision on temporary travel ban


Photo: Ali Nooraddiin
Photo: Ali Nooraddiin

A Mid-State family member is speaking out following the Supreme Court’s decision to allow parts of President Trump’s temporary travel ban to go into effect.

There are six middle eastern countries on the 90-day travel ban; Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Syria and Libya.

Ali Nooraddiin is from Somalia. He’s lived in Nashville since 2001 after he won a green card lottery given every year by the United States government.

He’s also the executive director of the Islamic Center of Tennessee.

“I’m a U.S. citizen,” Nooraddiin said. “I pay taxes. I work for the community.”

Nooraddiin has a wife and two sons; one born in Yemen the other in Somalia. All three of his family members now live in Finland.

“My wife keeps calling me from Finland since yesterday morning and keeps talking to me–how—we will live together,” Nooraddiin said.

Earlier this month, Nooraddiin had been expecting a visit from his son Mohamed, when the plans for his trip suddenly changed.

“On June 12, I bought a ticket for him, and he is supposed to come and see me,” Nooraddiin said. “I used to talk to him a lot about America…about opportunity we have, what very good life we have…He’s studying mechanical engineering. I told him I would also buy a house for them so when they come they can live with me.”

Nooraddiin said his son’d ticket had been booked with a Scandanavian airline with domestic service provided by United. Once his son made it to Newark airport in New Jersey, he had been turned around by U.S. Customs.

“Why did they send back my son,” Nooraddiin said. “I was waiting for him at the airport to give him a hug, to show him what America means.”

Nooraddiin said he’s not sure what will happen after the 90 day travel ban concludes and whether or not he will be able to still see his family.

Source: Fox17


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