Suicide bomber killed in Garissa blast

A suspected suicide bomber was killed in Garissa town on Saturday night after a bomb he was assembling exploded.

The improvised explosive device (IED) was to be planted on a dais at Garissa Primary School grounds where official functions are held.

The explosion jolted nearby buildings as confusion engulfed the town.

The body parts of the suspected suicide bomber of Somali origin was scattered due to the impact of the blast.

Confirming the incident, the North Eastern Police chief Charlton Mureithi urged residents to assist security personnel in fighting terrorism by reporting mischievous activities.

“It is indeed a worrying to see people causing havoc. Residents should be watchful of any suspicious people in their midst and be quick to report them,” he said.

Mr Mureithi said a pistol belonging to an officer killed late last year was recovered at the crime scene.

The incident comes barely three weeks after a renowned businessman was killed and his colleague severely wounded after unknown assailants sprayed bullets on their car.

Source: Daily Nation


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