Somaliland: President Silanyo Unveils A Major Reshuffle To His Cabinet

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has issued a Presidential Decree #JSL/M/XERM/249-1820/062013 announcing a major reshuffle in his cabinet, appointing new ministers at same relieving others of their duties with immediate effect.

The Changes are as follows:-

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis
Minister of Internal Affairs Hon Ali Mohamed Waran Cade
Minister of Rural Hon Shukri Ismael  Bandare
Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resource Hon Ali Jama  Farah  (Burred)
Minister of Posts and Telecommunication Hon Mohamed Jama Abgal
Minister of Resettlement Hon Ahmed Abdi Kahin
Minister of Technology, Research and In charge of Coordinating with House of Elders and the National Assembly Hon Aden Ahmed Warsame
Minister of Water Resources Hon Hussein Ahmed Abdile


  Minister of  State  in the Presidency Hon Mohmed Muse Abess
Minister in charge of Peace and Reconciliation for Eastern Regions Hon Ali Mahmoud  Hassan (Sandule)
Assistant Minister of State for Education Hon Ahmed Nur Fahiye
Assistant Minister of National Planning and Development Hon Hassan Dahir Dhimbil
Assistant Minister of Agriculture Hon Aden Ibrahim Yusuf Ashqar
Assistant Minister of labor and Social Affairs Hon Shukir Harir Ismael
Assistant Minister of  Information ,Culture and National  Guidance Hon Abdiwahid Abdurrahman Abdiqaadir
Assistant Minister of  Defense Hon Abdi Dahir Amuod
Assistant Minister  of  Commerce and Investment Hon Bashir Abdi Harir








Those Assigned New Duties are Follows

Minister of Health Dr. Saleban Isse Ahmed kaar(Halgatosiye)
Minister of Public Works ,Housing and Transport Hon Abdirisaq Khalif Ahmed
Minister of Commerce and investment Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omer
Minister of Information ,Culture and National Guidance Hon Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir(Cukuse)
Minister of Industries Hon Abiib Nur Diriye (Abiib Timacade)
Presidential Advisor on Electoral Affairs and Political Organization Hon Abdi Ahmed Mahmoud (Xaabsade)
Presidential Advisor on matters relating to Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Mahmoud Said Mahmoud(Gacamey)

Those Relieved of their Duties are as Follows:-


Former Minister of Internal Affairs Hon Mohmed Nur Arrale ( Dur)
Former Minister of Industries Hon Abdirasq  Ali Osman
Former Minister of Health Dr. Hussien Mohamed Mahmoud (Hog)
Minister of Posts and Telecommunication Hon Ali Elmi Geele
Assistant of Minister Education and Higher Learning Hon Ali Hamuud Jibril

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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