Somalia:Turkey hosts Somalia-Somaliland meeting

(Left to right) Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Somaliland’s President Ahmed Silanyo attend a meeting in Ankara, April 13, 2013.
Turkey has hosted a meeting between Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and President of the autonomous region of Somaliland Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo to encourage dialogue between the two sides.

The closed-door meeting was held in the Turkish capital, Ankara, on Saturday.

There have been no reports about the results of the meeting, which was the second round of talks brokered by Turkey for the first time earlier this year.

Citing Turkish diplomatic sources, reports said the meeting was aimed at “devising dialogue channels and keeping them open to work out problems between Somalia and the autonomous region of Somaliland.”

The two presidents were expected to meet Turkish leaders including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul.

Somaliland, situated in northwestern Somalia, unilaterally declared independence from the rest of the African country in 1991. However, Somalia wants Somaliland to be part of a united country.

Somalia has not had an effective central government since 1991, when warlords overthrew former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre.

The weak Western-backed transitional government in Mogadishu has been battling al-Shabab fighters for the past five years and is propped up by a 10,000-strong African Union force from Uganda, Burundi, and Djibouti.

Source: Press TV


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