Somalia:Somalia resumes livestock exports

After long years of wait, the Mogadishu seaport officially opened its doors to livestock owners who wish to export their animals through the facility. This is the first time in almost two decades that livestock is being exported from the war ravaged capital Mogadishu.

The country on Friday exported its first batch consisting of 13,000 goats and 2435 camels. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are among the leading countries that import livestock from the Horn of African nation.
Until recently, Bosasso seaport in Puntland region, and Berbera seaport in Somaliland, northwest of Somalia used to be the main ports used in exporting livestock.

For the past two decades now, these pastoralists were unable to export their livestock to the world market due to the conflict that plagued this nation. But now with an improvement in security, these pastoralists will now be able to export their livestock to several Arab and Persian Gulf countries.

Animal trade is one of the few surviving economic activities of Somalia’s largely destroyed economy. Business leaders and animal farmers have welcomed the move and look forward to making gains from this trade as the country is slowly rebuilding from years of civil war.

The new government in Somalia has welcomed the return of livestock trade. Somali Prime Minister says that his country is slowly returning to the community of nations and expressed hope that livestock trade will play an important role in the rebuilding of Somalia.

Before export, all the livestock at the health facility undergo evaluation and treatment to ensure that they meet international health safety standards. The health and inspection are carried out at a recently opened animal quarantine facility in the capital, Mogadishu.

The government however argues that such projects are part of a wide range of initiatives they are encouraging so as to revitalize the nation’s economy after decades of conflict.

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