Somalia:Somalia announces Judicial conference on Human Rights.


President of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E. Hassan Sh Mohamud has hosted the UN’s Independent Human Rights Expert on Somalia, Shamsul Bari, for a constructive round of human right discussion in Villa Somalia.

Speaking to media after their meeting, President Hassan Sheikh began by sending his condolences to the victims and the families of the latest car bomb in Mogadishu, and then turned to the issue of Human Rights in Somalia:
“Somalia is now looking to join the UN Human Rights Commission, and that means we must try to improve our record and promote human rights in everything we do.”

The President of Somalia is committed to improving human rights conditions, and already started directing reforms in the security and judicial sector.
“Soon the government will be holding a judicial conference here in Mogadishu whereby many experts both Somalis and non Somalis will participate. The aim of the conference is to reform and advance human rights within our justice system.”

At the end President stated “I assure you, my fellow citizens, that our number one policy pillar is security, and human rights is part of that pillar. We are committed to that and we will prevail.”



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