Somalia:Somali NOC congress elects new Chief

In its 6th election congress held in Mogadishu on Thursday 3rd of January 3013, the Somali National Olympic committee has elected its long-time serving secretary General and former national men’s basketball team coach Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi to lead the country’s highest sports-governing body for the next four years.

After the opening remarks by Duran Farah who served as acting president since April last year, the congress observed a minute of silence in remembrance of former Somali NOC president Aden Hajji Yeberow and former Somali Football Federation president Said Mahmoud Nur who were killed in a suicide blast claimed by the Al-Qaeda-proxy militants of Al-shabab on the 4th of April 2012.

The new president Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi who was the sole candidate for the post of Somali NOC presidency has been unanimously voted in favour of by the all 18 voters at the congress. They are 9 National federations including the football Federation, 5 zonal representatives from around the country and four national sports associations.

Somali deputy minister for sport Bashir Mohamed Jama and the mayor of Somali capital Mahmoud Ahmed Nur have fully lauded for the election of the country’s national Olympic committee office bearers for the four years to come.

“I hereby announce that the ministry of sport is fully supporting the outcome of the Somali NOC election—we have witnessed a democratic election and we will closely be working with the elected executive committee” deputy sports minister Bashir Mohamed Jama told a post election press conference Thursday.

For his part the Somali capital Mayor Mahmoud Ahmed Nur told the media that he was vey cheerful with the successful election held in the capital Mogadishu for the first time in many years. “As mayor of Mogadishu I will fully work with the NOC and its member federations as much as I can” the mayor told the media.

The election was held at the heavily guarded Jazeera hotel near Mogadishu airport where Somali president Hassan Sheik Mahmoud came under attack on September 12 last year. It was 2 days later when Hassan Sheik was elected as the country’s new president. The responsibility of the attack was claimed by the Al-shabab terrorists in the country.

The new executive committee members are below

1-    Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi     President

2-    Ahmed Abdi Hassan     Senior vice president

3-    Hassan Ahmed Abdi    2nd vice president

4-    Ibrahim Abokar Shamow   3rd vice president


5-    Duran Ahmed Farah     Secretary General 

6-    Mohamed Abdow Hajji    Treasure

Executive committee members

7-    Maxamed Axmed Coloow


8-    Faadumo Cali Nuur


9-    Ibrahim Hussein Ali (Roombo)


10- Khadijo Aden Dahir


11- Ali Said Guled Roble


12- Abokar Islow Hassan


13- Mohamed Hurshe Hassan


14- Prof Mohamed Ali Mohamed


15- Omar Abdulkader Barajab


16- Abdi Aziz Godah Barre


17- Prof Yusuf Alasow Mohamed


18- Hassan Ahmed Barre

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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