Somalia:President Hassan Sheikh tours Somali Military and Police training facilities

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E Hassan Sh. Mohamud today made a tour of the Jazeera Military Training Compound and the General Kaahiye Police Training School (School Polizia).

The President accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Defence H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud , and the Chief of Staff of the Army General Dahir Aadan Elmi (Indhaqarshe) assessed the training facilities and programmes of the new cadets and officers of the Somali National Army and the Somali Police Force.

On arrival at the Jazeera Military Training Compound the President inspected a guard of honor mounted by the Somali National Army’s guard of honor unit and was followed by a colorful military parade to chants of “long live Somalia”.

In an inspiring speech President Hassan Sheikh imparted a message of patriotism. ” Somalia belongs to Somalis and we are Somalis. All of us were sworn to protect the country, its people and our faith. We must live with honor and dignity and defeat all antagonists; these include Al Shabaab, criminals and rapists. They are all the same,” he stated.

The President encouraged the cadets and officers to continue with their selfless work in pursuit of stability for Somalia.

“The most precious gift one can give to this country is its life, and you decided to give your life. I urge you all to win the hearts and minds of our people. We all are one, and in war, those supported by the
Citizens win at the end.” President Hassan said

The President highlighted the defeat of Al Shabaab militarily, but
warned the security forces that they need to remain vigilant as Al Shabaab still needs to be completely eliminated from Somalia.

He also warned those in government who terrorize the same citizens they are trusted to protect adding that criminals who commit rape ought to be opposed just like Shabaab.“Those few amongst the security forces who rape and rob our citizens must be fought and be defeated just like Shabaab.”

The training of the Somali National Army at the Jazeera compound is conducted by Somali instructors. This is the first time in 22 years this sort of training has taken place in Somalia. “The curriculum includes human rights courses so as to ensure you are fully equipped during your service and you observe the rule of law.”

While at School Polizio (General Kaahiye) the President spoke with the 1000 strong Police special unit dedicated to securing Mogadishu.
“We choose you to secure the capital of Somalia. You are chosen
because of your commitment to this country, and soon you will move to secure other cities in Somalia.”

“Our people need you more than ever. Make sure that our people are not afraid of you, give them confidence to come to you when they’re afraid or feel unsafe.”

The President’s number one priority is security, and today’s tour was to assess progress made thus far.

President Hassan also thanked AMISOM and the International community for their support in stabilizing Somalia and returning it to the world stage.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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