Somalia: Yemeni President Forgives and Writes Off Somalia Debts

The consolidate of Somalia to Yemen Ahmed Abdi Hassan (Ahmed Sudan) who contacted Shabelle media informed us that the president of Yemen Abdi Rabi Mansur has written off the taxes depths they charged from the Somali ships and other vessels that were in the Yemeni coastline for over 20 years.

The acting ambassador stated that the president had a meeting with the president where they agreed and signed an agreement to write off the depths.

Mr. Abdi Hassan also confirmed that representatives from Somalia initially withdrew from the talks held in Yemen addressing piracy and illegal immigrants organized by the American government. However he confirmed that the Somalia represents came back to the table after their demands were heard and listened by the organizers.

The Somali government delegates will sign an agreement to recollect the navy vessels abandoned at the Yemeni coastline for over twenty years.
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Source: Alafrica

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