SOMALIA: UK Pledges new Aid for Somalia

SOMALIA: UK Pledges new Aid for Somalia
SOMALIA: UK Pledges new Aid for Somalia

UK Minister for African Mark Simmons paid an undisclosed and urgent visit to Somali’s capital city of Mogadishu on Tuesday for boosting security, stabilization and democratization process of Somali government.

The minister during his visit to Mogadishu met with Somali Federal Government President and other governmental officials including MP’s and ministers of Foreign, Justice & Constitution Defense, Interior and Security who were all present in a stabilization meeting held in Mogadishu.

The minister for Africa Mark Simmons and President Hassan Sheik in their meeting at Villa Somalia discussed issues including the vital relationship between the 2 countries in the sides of security, stabilization, and democratization process.

Somali president Hassan Sheik Mohamoud stressed of his government’s priorities and said, “My administration’s priorities including enhancing security, stabilization, reviewing federal constitution, implementation and spreading of Federalism to whole country as well as democratizing the country. Holding free and fair elections throughout the country in the year 2016 is one of our main priorities and goals to attain. UK is leading international efforts of bringing peace and stability back to Somalia and likewise supports and cooperates with Somali federal government.”

The president praised UK Government for its efforts and active role of bringing peace and stability back to the country. He said that UK government has held 2 international conferences on Somalia issues with the aim of shifting international focus to Somalia situation and that such conferences have later resulted to influence international communities to hold another 2 conferences on Somalia in Yokahama and Brussels.

“Government’s leading military operations are in progress and Alshabab militants were forced to vaccate most of the key towns in Somalia region. The aim of those operations is to eradicate Alshabab group. We need to give an opportunity for the Somali people, so that they can determine their own future.” Added President Hassan,

UK Minister for Africa Mr. Simmons stressed his government’s commitment to continue the support for Somali Federal Government in order to achieve its goals including boosting peace and stability as well achieving progress, peace and democratically elected system in the year 2016. He also pledged $ 69 million aid package for the realization of those projects.

By: Mohamoud Godah


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