Somalia: The Women at the Forefront of Somalia’s Future

For more than 20 years there has been a continuous stream of bad news where Somalia is concerned with images of war, famine and piracy. Now with Al Shabaaab driven out of Mogadishu, and the Somali Transitional Government and African Union in control of the capital, Somalia seems to have joined the Africa Rising tide, and interestingly the image of Somalia’s new era of a peaceful future seems to be largely women.

Indeed, a dominant narrative in rebuilding Somalia seems to focus on women, not only the women in refugee camps who are struggling to support their families and husbands, but also those in the Diaspora who are coming back to do their part in rebuilding the nation.

Through the Fire is a documentary film and photo essay that showcases the resilience of Somali people, with a focus on women, as they do their part in rebuilding their country.

Aimed at providing a different perspective on Somalia by portraying Somalis not as helpless victims but as people who have managed to thrive in difficult circumstances, Through the Fire is a dedication to the strength of Somali women who have found ways to rebuild the country regardless of the severe restrictions imposed on them by Al Shabaab.


Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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