Somalia: SOMESHA needs to state publicly the death of journalist in Mogadishu

Mohamed Ali  Nuxurkey
Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey

SOMESHA needs to state publicly the death of environmental journalist in Mogadishu

A freelance journalist Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey who was a dynamic member of the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) and works radio Mustaqbal based in Mogadishu, Somalia as well as contributor of V.O.A English Service, died at Madina hospital after insensitive wound from a suicide explosion in Mogadishu today at around 12:00PM near Mothers Building and Somalia National Theater.

Late journalist Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey was one of the brave Somali journalists currently working in the capital Mogadishu amid difficult conditions on freedom of expressions over conflicting policies in Somalia as he was also previously working Hornafric radio in which Shabab looted its equipments as well as radio Kulmiye.

He was inside the restaurant to eat food where the suicide explosion happened; he left one child and wife named Roda Ahmed Elmi. SOMESHA members would like to send a deep-rooted condolence to his family and entire colleagues as well.

Many thanks,
Daud Abdi Daud
SOMESHA, Secretary General


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