Somalia: Somalia is committed to developing its relations with Qatar

Mogadishu-Somalia: A Somali diplomat confirmed his country’s commitment to closer ties with Qatar in light of the recent crisis in relations between Doha and its neighbors. Abdi Halan Hirsi, a spokesman for the Somali embassy in Pretoria, told Anatolia news agency that Somalia had taken a neutral stance on the crisis.

Another Somali official said that six Somali government ministers had been exposed during a visit to Saudi Arabia recently to pressure to cut ties with Qatar and threats to halt development aid estimated at 50 million dollars. “But Halan Hirsi denied the reports. Because Somalia’s position on this issue is clear and consistent.

Qatar Airways planes have used Somali airspace to bypass the blockade imposed by Arab countries on Qatar Airways. “At least 15 Qatar Airways planes flew through Somali airspace on Sunday,” the official news agency Associated Press quoted an official of the Civil Aviation Authority as saying.

For its part, condemned the Somali community in Doha, the unjust embargo imposed on Qatar. In a statement yesterday, the community issued an urgent appeal to all who have a living conscience from all countries and peoples of the free world, Muslims and non-Muslims, to stand up against this brutal aggression and the unjust siege on the peaceful state of Qatar without any real justification or evidence to criminalize. The unjust unjust siege against a sovereign State and a member of the United Nations, and even the separation between an infant and his mother.

The statement of the community that the occurrence of the blockade violates the Islamic law and international laws and all humanitarian norms, especially between sister countries.

The statement pointed out that in this unjust siege was ignored the right of the neighbor and hit him by the wall, pointing out that the relationship was violated family ties and kinship between the Gulf States .. He stressed that the whole world is surprised and wonder why all this aggression against the State of Qatar, Is always working to heal the rift between the parties in the world, especially among their Muslim brothers as their role in collecting and trying reconciliation among the Somali factions, as well as their efforts to reconcile the brothers in Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and others.

The statement noted that Qatar is always helping and helping the world’s victims of natural disasters and civil wars, as well as helping the poor, the poor and the orphans, and no one can deny this except a person who is arrogant or envious, and God does not lose the reward of benefactors. The statement called on countries that dared to do this injustice against Qatar to reconsider its calculations and lift this unjust siege. The Somali community expressed regret for this, and supported the Qatar Emir, the government and the people.

By Bashiir Addow Ahmed


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