Somalia: Courts of Army forces sentenced man behind killing of minister Siraaji

Military court has sentenced to death in the man behind the killing of Minister Abbas Siraaji month after the killing.

Supreme Court magistrate of the Armed Forces announced the verdict, he said that the executions were being put men behind killin of Abdullahi Sheikh Ali Abbas Siraaji.

“When we saw the evidence presented in court, including the evidence of written evidence, photos taken from the car used, measurements made at the scene, the gun used killing, proof of death of the deceased, and the report submitted by the Department, when they listened to the debate between the prosecution and the lawyers defending the accused SNDF.

Therefore, the Court made clear that the D / C  Abdi Abdullahi (Aidid), is guilty of the charges and sentenced him to death, the execution of Mr. Abbas C / Sh Abdullah. Siraaji court will also order that the prison Salad Osman Barre of Somali guards, if not a criminal offense who is not satisfied with the judgment of the Court of Appeal is open. “He said the armed forces  Court magistrate.


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