Somalia: Somali U-12 win children’s tourney in London

The Haringey-based Lordship Rec FC has shown a wonder at the London Children’s football tournament after its U-12 Somali children won the Enfield council-organised football competition which gathered nearly hundred children’s football teams from across London and surrounding areas, while Lordship Rec FC’s U-11 children were eliminated in the semi-final, although they were recognised as the best team in their event.

The competition which was intended to encourage the integration of children from different ethnic communities in London area and giving the children a chance to practice their football skills was financed by the Enfield council and co-organized by the Rap-aid who team was beaten in the final match by the U-12 Somali children.

“It was really a very interesting tournament which attracted over 3000 spectators mostly parents, friends and football-loving fans of whom some arrived from long distances in London” Somali Football Federation Administrative representative Dr. Abdi Olad Rageh told the media at a post tournament press conference Saturday.

“Taking advantage from this golden opportunity I would like to thank the Enfield council for its continued efforts and support to help us continue the promotion of football here and in particularly the creation of talented Somali children who have good future in football and we are hopeful they will be able to represent Somalia in the future U-17 international competitions” added Dr. Rageh who also thanked the FA for contributing referees to help the smooth going of the tournament.

The Somali children gave their Rap-aid FC rivals a 2-1 home defeat in the final match of the U-12 children’s event on Saturday 18th of May, but however the second Somali children’s team of U-11 years of age have been eliminated in the semi-final.

“The U-11 children showed highly appreciated performance and they were recognized as the best team in their event, but they were unfortunately defeated by 4-3 in penalties in the semi-finals” said Somali Children’s coach Abdalla Mohamed Isse, an East London University student himself Somali U-23 National team member.

“On behalf of Somali parents here in north London, I announce that we are very grateful to the young age coach who led our children gain such publicity—I am extremely happy today, because I see my 11 year old son Hashi having a trophy and a medal dangling from his neck and” said Ayan Hashi, a mother of one of the victorious Somali children.

Meanwhile, Somali Football Federation has fully lauded for the victory approached by the Somali children who are expected to represent their country in future international youth competitions.

“We are really very much pleased with the good news coming from the Enfield council-organized tournament which Somali children won the trophy—we thank the Enfield council, the FA and all those who helped in the organization of such big event” noted the Somali FA secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab who was reached for comment.

The secretary General praised the work of white Star youth Association, the Lordship Rec FC, parents and all those who are involved in the promotion of football among Somali expatriate children.


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