Somalia : Somali Immigration Cheif addresed the quality of Somali Passport

The Somali Immigration Chief Col. Mohamed Adam Kofi said that the agency made significant progress especially accelerating the public service, held over 100 training to improve the capacity of the employees and started the review process of the Somali immigration laws.

Speaking to a weekly Television talk show on Friday by the Somali National TV, Somali immigration Boss, Col. Mohamed Adam Koofi explained the progress made by the agency during his one year in office.

“More than 100 training aimed to build the capacity of the immigration officers have been  held inside and outside”  Somali immigration chief, Col. Mohamed Adam Koofi said, “A process to review the country’s immigration laws has been started in order our immigration laws.”

“We have two immigration cites at the border with Kenya and one with Ethiopian border” Col Kafi added.

The agency further improved the timing which the Somali citizens inside and outside the country can obtain a passport; 5 working days for the residents in Mogadishu and two weeks’ time for those applying from the Somali embassies abroad and the regional administrations in the country, this is due to the logistics and the transport.

Immigration and Naturalization Directorate of Somalia has re-established its working relationship with countries  among them are some countries those do not recognize the Somali passport.

“We have received very positive responses from our international partners commending the quality and security of the Somali passports.” Col. Koofi added.

This follows after the Somali Immigration Boss recently paid a visit to a number of foreign countries especially in Africa and Europe, where they promised in recognizing the Somali passport, especially the European countries.

Somalia has been without proper functioning government for more than 2 decades and has become the first country to launch the digital passport in the Eastern African region.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud


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