Somalia: Saudi Increases Somali pilgrims and lift ban Somalia Livestock

Somalia Government says the Saudi Arabia has increased the number of Somalia pilgrims allowed to go in pilgrimage this year.

Jamal Mohamed Hassan, Somalia minister of planning announced that last year Somalia pilgrims was 7,300 but this year Saudi allowed to increase Somalia pilgrims and will be 9,300.

The minister said that this increase will be a great opportunity for the Somali people those desire to go to Hajj every year.

“Last Somali pilgrimages was. Seven thousand three hundred , but today will  nine thousand and three hundred were made. “Said Minister of Planning Somalia.

He also said that the Saudi government agreed to lift the ban on selling the Somalia animals.

“The goal we went was different focus the political and the Middle East, and it was an animal such government allow us to lift sanction or allow the country to attend. and we agreed  this year to the deployment of the Somali livestock. “He said.

Jamal Mohamed Hassan


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