SOMALIA Reveals Proposed 2014 Budget

Somalia’s cabinet met Sunday (November 24th) to discuss the government’s $219 million proposed budget for 2014 which is expected to be sent to parliament after it receives cabinet approval, Somalia’s RBC Radio reported.As much as $128 million of the budget will be generated from local revenue, with the remaining $91 million expected to come from foreign assistance, Minister of Finance and Planning Mohammed Hassan Suleiman said, adding that $137 million was allocated for development.

The cabinet will continue the budget debate in the coming weeks.

The cabinet was also briefed on conditions in Middle and Lower Shabelle and Hiran regions. Lower Shabelle has recently been beset by conflicts between local militias and the Somali military, and an agreement between warring clans was brokered in Middle Shabelle last week. Citizens are also still dealing with the impact of the Shabelle River flooding in recent months.

Source;; SABAHI


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