Somalia: Residents in Mogadishu Call On Government to Create Jobs for the Militias in the City

Somalia Residents in Mogadishu have called on the Somali federal government to create job opportunities for the unruly militias who had been manning illegal road blocks in the city but recently dispersed from the road blocks under a security decree by the president.

In a Shabelle fox pop sessions where residents have given their views, they also called on the government to integrate those militias into its different security forces.

Meanwhile the residents of Mogadishu, who spoke to Shabelee, have also called on the Somali youths to work for the better of the nation and help the government in creating security through out the country.

Since the decree from the president which forced the militias off the illegal road blocks in Mogadishu, residents in Mogadishu felt more security but there were little accidents of robbery on the streets by armed men who people in Mogadishu believe are the same disbanded militias and that is why the residents are calling on the government to integrate and create jobs for those militias so the city can be fully secure to live and work.

Sorc – Allafrica


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