SOMALIA re-launches popular singing competition

SOMALIA re-launches popular singing competition
SOMALIA re-launches popular singing competition

Somali Minister of Information Mustafa Duhulow on Wednesday (May 28th) announced the re-launch of the popular singing competition “Heesaha Hirgalay” at the City Palace Hotel in Mogadishu.

“Re-launching the singing competition will showcase the young people of the city’s talents and will bring forward new singers,” Duhulow said according to Horseed Media. “I am sure some of them will become famous Somali singers.”

The last time Somalia hosted such a singing competition was in 1979.

Duhulow said the programme would create job opportunities for youth who are “key to the development of the society as they are the future leaders of the society”.

“I am delighted that we successfully re-launched this important programme for our young people,” he said. “I thank the communications department, the management of the National Theatre and the Waaberi Band who made it possible for us to make this really happen.”

The event was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Abdirahman Duale Beyle, other ministers and deputy ministers, and famous singers such as Hiba Nura, Mohamed Abdullahi Isse Sangub and others.

“As you are well aware current well known and respected singers such as Mohamed Hassan Barrow, and Hassan Adan Samatar and others took part in the previous singing competitions that took place between 1971 and 1979,” Duhulow said. “Now it is your chance to shine and to be a Somali star.”

Source: Sabihi


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