Somalia: Qatar Charity provided clean water to 1mn people in Somalia last year

Qatar Charity implemented 421 water projects in Somalia, benefiting more than 1mn drought-affected people in the country.

This comes as part of Qatar Charity’s efforts to enable poor and drought-affected communities to access safe drinking water sources in their areas of origin by digging wells and water pools.

Qatar Charity gives these projects a high priority as they play a role in fighting drought.

Qatar Charity also strives to provide water for poor and needy people facing great difficulty in searching for clean water.

Qatar Charity made a huge progress in implementing water projects in Somalia last year, as it dug 44 artesian wells at various depths, and 371 surface wells, as well as 6 water pools in different governorates and regions of Somalia.

Qatar Charity provides clean drinking water to drought-hit people in Somalia
Qatar Charity provides clean drinking water to drought-hit people in Somalia

The number of beneficiaries of water projects from wells and water pools in 2018 increased significantly, with more than 1mn beneficiaries, while the number of beneficiaries of water projects in 2017 was about 506,688.

Qatar Charity’s head office in Somalia, Abdinur Mursal, said that providing safe drinking water to thousands of Somalis, especially in remote areas, is one of the top priorities of Qatar Charity Office to contribute to community development in Somalia.

He added that Qatar Charity implements many other projects in Somalia, such as service facilities from schools, hospitals and medical clinics.

Qatar Charity also builds houses for the poor and implements income-generating projects that provide job opportunities and reduce the unemployment rate in the country, as well as sustainable development projects, resettlement and food security.

Through its Somalia office, Qatar Charity has strategic partnerships with international organisations such as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Medical Corps,the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Global One.

Qatar Charity also strengthened its presence within the international humanitarian system and its keenness to co-ordinate international aid efforts across the world by joining the Somali NGO Consortium in the second half of 2018 and participating in the last Alliance meeting.

Source: Gulf Times


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