Somalia Prime Minister Thanks Burundi for military support to Somalia

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon in the final leg of his regional tour thanked Burundian Vice President H.E. Terence Sinunguruza for his country’s essential military support to Somalia.

The Prime Minister and the Vice President discussed greater regional cooperation to improve security in Somalia through the advancement of the African Union Mission in Somalia while transforming the Somali Army to fight Al Shabaab. He stated that security is the top priority of his government’s agenda and the first pillar of the six main pillars the government has established to rebuild the Somali nation.

“We acknowledge your commitment and the sacrifice of your servicemen and women in Somalia. We are building our national army to release them from duty,” the Prime Minister said. “Somalia needs your support to speed up the fight against terrorism and free our people altogether from Al Shabaab. We are on the verge of defeating them completely.”

The Vice President said he welcomed the Prime Minister’s visit and highlighted the importance of the consultation between the two leaders. He emphasized the long-standing relationship between the two countries and assured his government’s support and cooperation for Somalia.

“We are looking towards a peaceful Somalia in the near future and we are proud of our military serving in your country. We will remain until peace is reached in Somalia,” the Vice President said. “We are ready to install all diplomatic and regional cooperation and to support each other as Somalia is in East Africa.”

Somali Defence Minister Abdhihakin Mahamud Haji Faqi in this meeting expressed the need for a close military collaboration to free more territory from Al Shabaab. He specified that close collaboration between the two counties is necessary for the transformation of the Somali National Army.

The Prime Minister and his delegation will conclude their regional visit to strengthen diplomatic relations in Burundi this weekend.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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