Somalia: Prime Minister Sacid seeks regional support to nation building for Somalia

Prime Minister seeks regional support to nation building for Somalia

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon in a regional tour to strengthen relationship between the new Somalia and countries in the region today arrived in Kampala, Uganda meeting with his counterpart Amama Mbabazi and other government officials.

Prime Minister highlighted new government initiatives toward getting public support and fight Al-shabab. Showing a great level of trust with his government and the Somali people the Prime Minister asked the government of Uganda the backing needed to implement new security and development related initiatives. He pointed out that the Somali people are seeking solutions to the internal issues and also mentions the growing government support after concluding a “listening tour” in the country.

“We understand the urgency and the need to protect our people from terrorists and securing our borders. We are determined to insert new initiatives in the nation building process,” Prime Minister said. “We seek your support to face some of the divisive issues and challenges that are rooted in our history.”

Prime Minster indicated the need to expand the scope and the operation of the AMISOM troops in Somalia. He believes the security situation has improved and there is a need to work on delivering services in order to maintain government mandate. He pointed out that his government would like to see Uganda taking an active role in capacity building and helping in the process of reforming security institutions. Hence, the Uganda Prime Minister warmly welcomed his request and reassured his government’s support to Somalia.

“We are committed ourselves helping you fight and overcome terrorism, which we feel threaten here in Uganda,” Prime Minister Mbabazi said. He commended boosting the confidence of the Somali people to submit to the state and defeat Al-shabaab terrorist group that don’t offer opportunities to the Somali people.


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