SOMALIA: President Hassan, “Let me say this: charcoal export is crime.”

President Hassan, “Let me say this: charcoal export is crime.”

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia today planted a mango tree in Villa Somalia in honour of National Tree Planting Day.

The President was accompanied by the UN Resident Coordinator and Head of OCHA, Philippe Lazzarine; Minister of National Resources, H.E. Abdi Rizak Mohamed Omar; Minister of Social Services, H.E. Maryan Qasim.

In his short statement the President took the opportunity to emphasize his commitment to enforcing environmental laws in Somalia. He stressed that it is a crime to cut down trees, make and export charcoal.

President Hassan said: “There are laws in this country adopted in early 1970s by the Government of Somalia. Also there have been UN resolutions regarding the charcoal ban. Despite the current situation, we must enforce these laws.

“Let me say this, charcoal export is crime. Our land and agricultural heritage depends on our trees. We must all protect our environment and enforce both national and International laws.

“Wherever possible, I urge citizens to plant trees in their gardens or on their land.”


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