SOMALIA praises FIFA for ‘keeping football alive’

Somalia’s minister for youth and sport Khalid Ali Omar
Somalia’s minister for youth and sport Khalid Ali Omar

After the successful conclusion of the first refereeing course in the country for more than 25 years, the federal government of Somalia has praised FIFA for its remarkable assistance.

Somalia’s minister for youth and sport Khalid Ali Omar said in a press statement that FIFA’s particular consideration to Somalia had demonstrated how world football’s governing body was committed to playing a key role in the country, not only promoting football, but also humanitarian assistance that prevented hundreds of thousands of Somalis from starving to death.

“On behalf of the federal government of Somalia, I would like to praise and thank FIFA under the chairmanship of President Joseph S. Blatter who have been keeping our football alive since Somalia fell into anarchy more than two decades ago” he wrote.

The minister said that the reconstruction of Stadium Banadir was one of the most important steps taken by FIFA towards the development of football in Somalia.

“As we know Stadium Banadir was fitted with artificial turf and with the completion of that huge project we have got an international style facility,” he continued. “I would like to thank President Blatter, his Secretary-General and executive committee members for such a move forward.”

The Somali minister also added that his country would always remember FIFA’s generous donation which helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Somalis after the country experienced the worst droughts in more than ten years.

“I can understand that the good cooperation which the Somali Football Federation developed with FIFA was the main reason behind such a unique donation for Somalia,” said Ali Omar. “The cooperation is most important and I thank the Somali Football Federation for its commitment and good relationship with FIFA”.

Source: FIFA


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