Somalia : Parliamentarians rejected the budget amount of HirShabeelle

Some of the Somalia  MPs those originally elected from  HirShabeelle have rejected the budget amount of HirShabelle from the central government, Member of Parliament Dahir Amiin Jeesow said.

46 MPs meet in Mogadishu Somalia Capital, told to the government that  they would not be satisfied with the financial budget of HirShabelle.

They said “There is a difference between the financial budget to the regional Administration, and that is not a fair, HirShabelle is a new regional administration and it needs to support but not to give that budget” said Dahir Amin Jesow.

Government recently released budget allocations for regional governments in the country.

HirShabelle’s financial budget is 700,000 and it’s the smallest budget gived to the regional administration and Banadir Region is the Largest one about 6 Millon per mounth.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud

Daahir Amiin Jeesow
                                        Somalia  MP  elected from  HirShabeelle Dahir Amiin Jeesow


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