SOMALIA: New Police Chief Commissioner vows to reform and rebuild the Somali Police Force

General Abdihakim Dahir Said as the new Police Chief Commissioner
Former Police Chief Commissioner Major General Shareif Sheikhuna Maye and new chief General Abdihakim Dahir Said

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon and Interior Minister H. E. Cabdikarin Hussein Gulled today welcome the new Somali Police Chief Commissioner transfer to Brigadier General Abdihakim Dahir Said well-known as Gen. Saacid .

Prime Minister speaking at the transfer ceremony pointed out that the appointment of the new police and intelligence top leaders is part of the government’s effort to improve security. The council of ministers this week appointed top country security officers to Brigadier General Abdihakim Dahir Said as the new Police Chief Commissioner and Major General Bashir Mohamed Jama as the new Director of National Intelligence and Security Agency.

“We have to grantee the safety and security of all of our residents and visitors. That great responsibility falls upon you – the Somali Police Force. So I am calling on you to redouble your efforts to stabilise Somalia,” Prime Minister said speaking at the police chief transfer ceremony at General Kahiye Police Academy Mogadishu.

His Excellency Abdikarim Hussein Gulled, the Interior Minister, welcomed the transfer. He praised the outgoing Police Chief Major General Shareif Sheikhuna Maye for the exceptional work did on rebuilding the police force. He also welcomes the new Chief Gen. Abdihakim and wishes him success on this new job.

Gen. Abdihakim is the 10th Police Commissioner since the Somali Police Force was established in 1943. That is 17 years before the independence of the Somali nation in 1960. He stated his commitment to reform the police force in order to quickly respond the security and human rights issues in Somalia.

“The Somali Police Force should soon be prepared organization dedicated to provide safe environment and professional police services. We are committed upholding the constitutional rights of everyone in Somalia, and earning the public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism,” General Abdihakim said.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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