Somalia: MP Dalha demanded Somali government to moderate Gulf Countries

After giveing Interview with Goobjoog Radio, Mohamed Omar Dalha one of the Somali Federal Parlament Demanded Somali government not be Somali government one side for Gulf Issues.

Mohamed Omar Dalha, one of Somalia’s Parliament spoke for the first time the issue of tensions between Qatar and the Arab countries.

Senator Dalha urged Somali government not to take one side decision and try to moderate different ideas of gulf countries.

The MP also called on the government to ensure that they could be the site of Qatar or the other countries cutted  ties with Qatar.

“We have good relationship between the two sides, and we are part of  Arab League, the political weight of the two countries, including economic and public sectors are between us”

“Saudi Arabia and Qatar the want  to implement projects in Somalua, and they did us more, the two countries have embassies in Somalia ,  Qatar’s Embassy located Km4 square  in Mogadishu, Somali Government must be neutral for that issue, and try to moderate that countries.” Said the MP.

Mohamed Omar Dalha


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