Somalia: Medical report 2016 Inter-state football tournament

Khaliif Yousuf Sabrie
Somali Football Medical Committee secretary General, Dr. Khaliif Yousuf Sabrie

The medical services were very high quality during the inaugural edition of the Inter-state tournament. The Somali Football Federation Medical department made everything possible to get an adequate and better treatment for players, fans and officials.

Somali Football Medical Committee secretary General, Dr. Khaliif Yousuf Sabrie, said he was pleased that his committee was able to successfully accomplish high profile tasks during the competition, adding that most of the cases took place in the first week.

“During first leg of the Inter-state football tournament, there were many cases such as head injuries, muscles strains, ankle sprain, knee injuries and trauma. Other cases like Respiratory problem and hip strains were also treated” said Dr. Khaliif Yousuf Sabrie, adding that only one serious case was referred to the Ummah Hospital in Mogadishu which also provided free medical equipment and nurses to SFF Medical Committee since early this year.

“Two fans were treated for emergency cases at our facility in the stadium. Special thanks are also due to Amiin Ambulance Service which helped us” Dr. Khaliif Yousuf Sabrie mentioned in his press statement on Tuesday.

He said that a total of players 20 players suffered from different injuries during the two12-day long competition. “Thanks to Allah, as there were no fractures at all” he said.

By Omar Wardere
Somali Football Federation Media Committee Member


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