Somalia invests in animal production

Mogadishu – Somalia’s government is investing in training veterinarians to become a regional hub for animal production.

The semi-autonomous Somaliland state is currently a major exporter of livestock to Gulf States, but wants to expand that to guarantee quality livestock.

Minister of Livestock Dr Abdi Aw Dahir Ali said the major port of livestock for the Horn of Africa is Berbera, because of its location.

“Berbera exports livestock from Ethiopia, from Somalia, from Kenya.”

The Sheik Technical Veterinary School was established over 10 years ago and has 118 students.
It aims to improve the quality and health of livestock in Somaliland.

“You know, this school is the only veterinary institution in this region and was started in 2002,” said tutor Mohamed Said said.

“This region is very strong in livestock and most of the people, they have animals.”

Student Nished Mohamed said he hopes to have his own dairy farm in future to produce milk.
“Because many people they don’t have enough milk in our towns.”

Once they graduate, many of the students work for the Ministry of Livestock based in the city of Berbesa.
Almost all Somali livestock exports go the Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar.

Somaliland hopes that it’s veterinary graduates will ensure that this little enclave’s livestock is traded throughout the Horn of Africa.

Source: eNCA

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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