Somalia: Hirshabelle Vows To Liberate Al-Shabab

Hirshabelle state of Somalia’s Top Officials vows to kick off new Offence against Al-shabab who controls match territory of Hirshabelle state.

Hirshabelle’s vice President Ali Abdullahi Hussein returns Jowhar on yesterday from Mogadishu for Hirshabelle duties said that Hirshabelle and Federal Government of Somalia agreed joint operation against Al-shabab.

Ali promised that they will help locals who are eager to defend Al-shabab from their Children and Animals as recently reported.

Mr Ali said that all Hirshabelle territory will soon liberate from AL-shabab ,he calls locals to take army and fight Al-shabab as Federal Government and Hirshabelle Administration will stand by them.

Deputy Hirshabeelle President Ali Abdullaahi Guudlaawe


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