Somalia: Government asks China to support

wasirada waxbarashada iyo safirka shinaha
Minister of Education Khadra Bashir Ali speaks to Chinese Ambassador Wei Hongtian

Khadra Bashir Ali Somali minister of education met ambassador of China Mr Wei Hongtian in Mogadishu.

The two sides had friendly talk on the Somali-China relations and cooperation in field of Education because the two countries have historical relation.

Minister of Education Khadra Bashir Ali asks china government to help Somali field of Education and support Somali students.

“We ask China government to help us constructs of more builds such as office of the ministry of Education, Schools which Somali ministry controls before civil-war said Khadra Bashir Ali minister of Education.

Chinese Ambassador Wei Hongtian, said Chin planned to rebuild Somali government builds and his government ready to support Somali students.

Last month Chinese Ambassador Wei Hongtian Met With Somali Students Graduated From China University

Mr. Wei Hongtian, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Federal Republic of Somalia gathered together with the representatives of Somali students graduated from China on the occasion of the approaching traditional Chinese Spring Festival.

Mr Wei spoke highly of those students for their active participation in the economic recovery and national reconstruction of Somalia, and wished that they would contribute to the enhancement of cooperation and friendship between the two countries and two peoples.



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