Somalia : Government Asked compensation from the ship cut off the cable internet

The Somali government wants compensation from the ship  that catted cable Internet resulted to be with out internet in to two weeks  to the  southern and central Somalia.

The ship called MV MSC Alice was ordered to pay compensation for sake of the wire of Viper Optic Internet  cut after a locked port city.

State Attorney Somalia Dr Ahmed Ali Dahir said that  15 days there is no  internet  in the southern Somalia, and the reason is  the wire cut off .

He also said that the ship was sent  a letter to the compensation and they are still be waiting for an answer.

“Whoever is involved at this problem will face the  law , the vessel werequired to pay compensation for the harm, the answer could be expected,” said Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir.

There is  dispute between the ship MSC Alice and Somalia government in Mogadishu port, the ship carrying the goods was set in the port of Mogadishu, and the Somalia government ordered to not move around the port.


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