Somalia: EU support for justice and police

Somalia will receive €44 million from the European Union to further support its justice system and police force, Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs announced on 7th May, during the Somalia conference in London.

“In Somalia, like anywhere else, there can be no development without security. Over the last year, we have seen some encouraging advances. Larger territories are under the authority of the Federal Government, displaced people are able to go back home”, said Commissioner Piebalgs said.

The London conference aims to provide support for the Government of Somalia as they rebuild their country after two decades of conflict. The event will be only one of a sequence of events which will take place in 2013 to strengthen stability and security in the country, including an EU-hosted conference in September on the New Deal for fragile states and Somalia’s “Transition Compact” – i.e. the country’s reconstruction plan.

The EU has provided Somalia with more than 1.2 billion euro since 2008, which were directed towards in the support of population’s basic needs, and the improvement of country’ security.

The EU has been particularly active in supporting the AMISOM, an African Union-led mission, mandated by the UN Security Council.

Source: European Commission

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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