Somalia: EU Donors Welcome the Federal Government Steps On Justice Reform

Midnimo Information Center
The EU Special Envoy to Somalia, Michele Cervone d’Urso, and the Ambassadors of Italy, Andrea Mazzella, the United Kingdom, Matt Baugh, Sweden, Mikael Lindvall, congratulate the Federal Government of Somalia on convening this week the country’s first “National Conference on Justice and Rule of Law” in Somalia.

Action speaks louder than words, and this conference is a visible testimony to the priority that government attaches to the justice sector and to listening to its people. Recent challenges have shown how difficult it is to dispense justice fairly and transparently and how difficult the road to reform is. We have a firm belief that Somalia will overcome current and future challenges.

To last, justice sector and judicial reform will have to be rooted in the laws of the land and governed by the principles of theConstitution and the Human Rights enshrined within it. As important as the legal foundations, reform needs to be understood and owned by the people of Somalia. This conference is a great demonstration of the government’s efforts in this regard and we hope the consultations will continue. We stand ready to lend our support to establishing a functioning justice system in the new Somalia. The 7 May Somalia Conference in London will be an occasion to align international support with the Somali reform plan

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,


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