Somalia : Decades after a church reopened in Hargeisa

After decades Christian Church has reopened in Hargeisa, and this church will use only non Muslims, as the Church officials said.

Maria Vechhinno a Christian woman in Somaliland, said they would consider re-opening of this  church  of Christians in Somaliland.

Maria, said that when she decided to come Hargiesa her aim was two reason, the first was a volunteer program to help those need the help.

As well as the second aim , w as the reopening the church to pray for people who have Christian faith, Maria, Said.

“First I came here as volunteer and my second I am was to reopening  this church, and I reopened the Church, that is my victory” Maria said.

People in Hargeisa have different ideas for the reopening of this church.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud


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