Somalia: Campaigning in Somaliland continues for the second day in a row

MOGADISHU, Somalia- Somalia’s political parties have begun campaigning from most of their areas of control after debates between candidates for national parties in the upcoming presidential election.

Sources confirm that the ruling party led by presidential candidate Muuse Bihi has been flexing his muscles this morning, calling on supporters to rally in the main squares of Somaliland, while the opposition party also staged yesterday.

The party’s presidential candidate, Muuse Biihi, took part in a massive demonstration in Hargeisa, the administrative headquarters of the Somaliland government, while the party’s candidate for the post of vice president, Abdul Rahman, took part in another demonstration in Burco.

The sources added that the current president of the administration of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmoud also participated in a demonstration in the city of Burco, where supporters of the ruling party.

All these officials have been demanding the residents of Somaliland to vote for the candidate of the ruling party Muuse Bihi and his deputy Abdul Rahman in the upcoming presidential elections.

The ruling party supporters were roaming the main roads of Hargeisa and other major cities throughout the day waving banners showing their support for the ruling party.

By Bashiir Addow Ahmed


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