Somalia :Cambodians rescued from Thai boat in Somalia

The Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Cambodian embassy in Bangkok are helping to repatriated 18 migrant workers who are on a Thai fishing boat in Somalia.

According to a statement from Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Chum Sounry on Friday, the ministry has instructed its embassy in Bangkok to cooperate with Thai police and the International Organization for Migration to help repatriate the Cambodians.

He added that Thai police had rescued one Cambodian migrant worker, who reported that there were another 18 Cambodians on Thai boats in Somalia.

Mr Sounry said Thai police considered the case to be human trafficking and had ordered two Thai fishing boats to dock at Basaso port in Somalia. Thai police asked Interpol to send the men to Kenya in order to bring them back to Thailand.

He added that Thai police would organise documents to file a complaint to the court and required the men to stay in Thailand to be witnesses when the case is heard.

According to Mr Sounry, the embassy also issued travel papers for the men and submitted the documents to Thailand’s Foreign Affairs Ministry in order to send to the Thai embassy in Kenya to coordinate their flights to Thailand.


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