Somalia: Burundi Foreign visits Mogadishu

Somalia: Burundi Foreign visits Mogadishu
Somalia: Burundi Foreign visits Mogadishu

His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today praised Burundi as a “brother in arms” for Somalia.

The President made his comments during a visit to Mogadishu by the Foreign Minister of Burundi, His Excellency Laurent Kavakure, who was accompanied by Somalia’s Foreign Minister His Excellency Abdirahman Duale Beileh.

The President said: “Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the great sacrifices our brothers and sisters of Burundi have made for Somalia. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with Somali forces and our other AMISOM partners since 2007, you have helped us crush Al Shabaab, providing us with this once-in-a-generation opportunity to rebuild our country and lead our nation to the peace and prosperity our people deserve. We owe you a great debt.”

The President and Burundian Foreign Minister, accompanied by AMISOM’s Burundian Force Commander, Lieutenant General Silas Ntigurirwa, discussed the ongoing expansion of AMISOM, as mandated by the UN Security Council.

The President said: “This year is a critical one for Somalia. We are ramping up military operations against our enemies and aiming for the final defeat of Al Shabaab with tangible improvements in security for our people. Burundi and our other AMISOM partners will be playing a key role in this military campaign.”

In a separate meeting, the President met His Excellency Ivan Zivkovic, Ambassador of Serbia to Kenya and Somalia. The bilateral meeting came in the wake of the meeting between the presidents of the two countries during the AU heads of state summit in Addis Ababa last month.

Strengthening Somalia’s long neglected international relations after years of war has been a key component of the President’s “six-pillar” policy.

Source: President of the Federal
Republic of Somalia


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