Somalia : Bulgaria border police detains illegal immigrants from Somalia, Afghanistan

Bulgarian border police officers at the Vidin border crossing detained 15 Somali and 2 Afghan nationals hidden inside a truck, the press office of the Bulgarian Border Police announced.

Yesterday, a freight vehicle with Slovakian registration, driven by a 44-year-old Romanian citizen, arrived at the Vidin border crossing. The truck was travelling from Greece to Slovakia. It was transporting two big blocks of marble, which were loaded in the Greek city of Lamia. The company in charge of the shipment is a based in Slovakia.

Bulgarian border police officers selected the vehicle for a check. After the x-ray scanning authorities found the illegal immigrants hidden in the hollow space between the blocks.

There were 15 citizens from Somalia, three of whom women, and 2 citizens of Afghanistan.
Work on the case continues.

Source: Focus News

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