Somalia broadens its youth soccer league through FIFA support

Director General of the minsitery  for youth and sport Isaq Hashi
                                      Director General of the minsitery for youth and sport Isaq Hashi

Financed by FIFA, a broadened second edition of Somalia Domestic youth football league, has kicked off at Banadir Stadium, with Baarbe youth team winning the inaugural match after beating Anadol boys 2-0 on Thursday.

Baarbe’s striker, Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, scored the opening goal of this year’s youth league in the 20th minute, while a teammate, Hassan Abdullahi Mohamed, netted the second goal for his team just before half time.
Anadol boys made some attempts but were unsuccessful in all their endeavors to score a goal as they lost some golden opportunities which could have made at least a goal for them.
Meanwhile, two matches were played on Friday which both made 2-0 results. In the first Match, 21st November youth football team defeated their Hoyga Xamar rivals 2-0, while Shariif Qulateyn boys thrashed their opponents of Raage Ugaas with the same score.
The competition has been broadened this year, as 14 teams are in participation, while last year’s league attracted 12 youth football teams. “We have witnessed that people are more interested in such football league which is new to the country and that is why the SFF had decided to increase the number of participating teams” Somali Football Federation (SFF)  president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said adding that the SFF is committed to organizing youth soccer leagues every year.
Director General of the ministry for youth and sports, Isaq Hashi, who addressed at the opening ceremony of the youth league, said that the launch of the youth league was a milestone adding that organizing such competition every year is a meaningful experience for the whole country.
This is all youth competition as team coaches and officiating referees are young people who were trained at FIFA youth coaching curses and FIFA youth refereeing courses held in Somalia both in 2016 and in 2017, as part of Somali FA’s youth development programs.
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
 CECAFA Media Committee


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